Senior Engineer (Front End Dev)

We are looking for a strong frontend-focused web developer who can hit the ground running and dig into our existing JavaScript framework for user interactions and dynamic content or convert mockups using semantic HTML and SCSS. The right candidate is going to be a fast learner with good instincts and have the perfect mix of frontend skills, along with familiarity with modern web templating engines such as Twig.

We want someone with a passion for JavaScript and UX and who is naturally inclined to give attention to the smallest details but can let go of the small things if the product team is ready to approve and move on. You should be comfortable being a go-to person when another developer can’t get something working quite right with HTML / CSS / JavaScript, with both the knowledge and patience to be helpful in a team setting.

Department: Technology
Project Location(s): Las Vegas, NV, US
Education: Bachelors
Compensation: 100k+


  • Work closely with designers to produce UX solutions.
  • Develop, test, and debug web applications for the Slickdeals website – both desktop and mobile experiences.
  • Integrate new solutions into our existing platforms.
  • Optimize and maintain existing interfaces / quickly fix UX issues as they arise.
  • Prepare test plans for features that you develop and work closely with other stakeholders throughout the Quality Assurance and User Acceptance Testing process.
  • Participate in code review and follow coding standards.
  • Assist with planning and executing improvements to our JavaScript framework
  • Gradually improve SCSS structure to promote code re-use and consistency across our frontend library.
  • Work closely with all teams and management to improve the process.


  • Graphic design skills are not required for this position – it is a coding job – but you need to know how to work within modern applications like Photoshop, Sketch.
  • Capable of taking a new mockup and completely building the entire layout in HTML / CSS with responsive breakpoints, and with only a couple rounds of revisions get to a pixel-perfect page ready to be integrated with the backend.
  • Once familiar with our existing structure, able to build pages rapidly because of SCSS re-use.
  • Experience building modern web applications, with and without dependence on pre-built frameworks.
  • Passion for finding the briefest and elegant CSS solutions to complex responsive web layouts.
  • Advanced knowledge of semantic HTML, CSS, JavaScript.
  • Experience with web templating engines. We use Twig and vBulletin but what’s important is that you can learn whichever engine we use quickly.
  • Has a proven record of building highly interactive layouts from scratch, which were maintained and updated with ease, and that perform well.
  • Plus – have experience building lightweight layouts for mobile devices and touch interfaces.
  • Plus – understand CRP, and have some experience customizing a page to fit the desired user experience.
  • Plus – possess advanced knowledge of SCSS.
  • Plus – experienced as a PHP / SQL developer

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