Manager of Software Engineering

We are looking for an Engineering Manager to help lead our front-end software engineers. This group is responsible for developing new features, maintaining those features, and driving innovation within our platform. Our full-stack, front-end, app, design, system, data and QA teams are all under one roof and you’d be in a position to interact with all of these teams and their engineering leadership in order to help create the best possible experience for your team and ultimately the best possible product for our users.

You would be responsible for helping the front-end engineers achieve success. You will engage your team in order to facilitate their technical needs, maintain our culture, help them grow in their careers, improve their internal process, and represent them in other cross-team settings. This is a management role, and your primary focus is enabling your team members to be successful, but you’re also a front-end developer who can guide them and participate in detailed technical conversations and help make decisions about the future of our platforms.

As a technology leader your team will work with architects to set capabilities goals for the architecture roadmap and will partner with them and the platform team to decide on development standards and process for maintaining consistency in our JavaScript, CSS, and semantic HTML implementations.

As a people leader, you will guide and support multiple front-end engineers and work with directors and other discipline managers to create cross-functional product development teams.

Department: Technology
Project Location(s): Las Vegas, NV, US
Education: Bachelors
Compensation: 100k+


  • Working with multiple product development teams and providing for their front-end development needs; understand their roadmaps and align your front-end engineers so standards and deadlines are met across all products consistently
  • Providing technical guidance to front-end engineers that is consistent with established standards
  • Helping set the hiring plan and meeting those goals for your team
  • Working with architecture and platform teams to remove impediments and drive engineering wide initiatives
  • Aligning your team members on key results and measures, and supporting feedback between teams
  • Developing and enhancing onboarding and orientation programs
  • Creating custom plans for every individual based on their needs and their career growth, handling performance management, and making sure engineers are comfortable and satisfied
  • Finding and solving issues that individuals or teams are encountering with any stage of their work
  • Evangelizing company culture and mission internally and externally


  • Solid understanding of web user path and user attribution;
  • Several years of work experience in web development owning front-end code and you know how the web works
  • Demonstrate proficiency in Vanilla ES6+ JavaScript
  • 2+ years of experience in an engineering management role or senior engineering team lead role where you guided a very productive team and can describe what you specifically did to ensure engineers felt productive.
  • Passionate about management, coaching, and supporting your reports’ success
  • Possess strong organizational skills.
  • Strong written and verbal communication skills
  • Balance many conflicting impediments and discern appropriate actions to take in quick succession at a growing company
  • Demonstrate mastery in Vanilla ES6+ JavaScript, SCSS/SASS, HTML, and are familiar with email templates, CRP, atomic design systems, Git, Twig.
  • Extensive background working in agile environments, and you have experience adjusting team process to fit unique business constraints
  • Background in front-end web development and are able to discern the benefits of one system versus another, and can offer guidance and leadership on best practices.
  • Experience delivering solutions that adhere to page speed best practices. You understand how to measure and monitor the impact of JavaScript on page speed.
  • Experience with and are comfortable discussing front-end build tools. Front-end CI/CD experience is a bonus.

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