PHP Software Developer

We are looking for a well- rounded software developer with strong back-end abilities who can both emulate and work within established patterns and learn existing legacy code bases built in PHP and help to refactor them. The right candidate will be a quick learner with good instincts and have the perfect mix of backend and frontend skills, along with familiarity with modern AB testing, analytics, and application performance optimization.

Our core product a web platform, but it is supported by many other products that we are actively creating and maintaining. These products are primarily built using open source solutions such as PHP, JavaScript and MySQL. Additional languages that you will need to have proficiency with include HTML, CSS, Git, and a modern templating engine. We are constantly looking for opportunities where new technology can help us improve our product so if you have experience with other technologies, we would love to hear about them.

Department: Client / Technology
Project Location(s): Las Vegas, NV, US
Education: Bachelors
Compensation: 100k+


  • Work with technical management, engineers, product managers, designers and scrummasters to help the company achieve business goals by creating software solutions
  • Develop, test, and debug web applications for the Slickdeals website – both desktop and mobile experiences.
  • Integrate new solutions into our existing platforms.
  • Optimize and maintain existing applications.
  • Prepare test plans for features that you develop and work closely with other stakeholders throughout the Quality Assurance and User Acceptance Testing process.
  • Participate in code review and follow coding standards.
  • Assist with planning and executing improvements to our application architecture, development environments, and development processes.


  • Hands on technological experience and a strong understanding of PHP, MySQL, HTML and JavaScript. Most of our developers have some experience with CSS, but unless you represent yourself as a front-end developer don’t worry about listing CSS as a primary skill.
  • Experience or understanding of what it takes to run a site at large scale: query optimization, caching technologies, job queues, and message servers, among other things.
  • Years of experience working directly with business stakeholders and a proven ability to align with their priorities and to help find ways to show measurable improvements in their goals, and can speak about times where your contribution to the solution was not software.
  • Willingness and desire to show initiative. If you see something that doesn’t look right your first thought is to ask, not just accept that it must be fine.
  • Excellent communication skills. We track everything in JIRA, Confluence, Git commits, and Stash code review comments. We have daily stand-ups, and weekly 1-1s, and semi-annual performance reviews. If you can’t explain yourself verbally and in written form you won’t fit in here.

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