Company overview

We invest, incubate and build companies. We bring over 20+ years of proven experience to the table, delivering profitable results for our partners, investments and portfolio companies. We’re in the business, of operating businesses.

Bristol Bates also is international business consulting services and management firm that specializes in strategic growth initiatives, management advisory services,  and joint venture operating partnerships. Our team is diverse and serves as subject matter experts bringing years of expertise advising senior level management and executive teams. We provide core and ancillary business services to a myriad of clients across multiple sectors.

As a company we own and have partnerships in various businesses and verticals, some we’ve built and others we’ve developed as equity partners. We partner  driven individuals and allow them to focus on what they do best – their products and services. We make it a priority to maintain a company culture that is conducive to entrepreneurship and creativity.

We believe that business success is defined not only by product, but by the ability to attract talent and building a quality organization. Our own success and the success of our clients revolve around the ability to hire the right team and executing profitable strategies.

Our origins date back to 2000 as a small consulting firm in Delaware, which later became SynCorp (Synergy) formed in the State of California in 2005 where our headquarters are based today. Aggressively expanding through equity builds and organic growth, we began acquiring and developing individual operating units before our consolidating our practice into Bristol & Bates. We are privately owned and operated, funded by both investors and our partners themselves.

Quick Company Facts

The company has exponentially grown every single year, with our combined partnerships and joint venture developments we now have an extended staff operating in several international locations.

  • Origins dating back to 2000 (see our history)
  • International operating experience
  • Experienced staff and consultants, minimum 10 years
  • Subject matter experts in multiple industries
  • Focus on team building, strategic growth and revenue development
  • Recognized federal defense contractor with capability domestic and international

Our Corporate Offices

Bristol Bates is based in the City of Tustin, California with operating divisions and offices in Irvine, Los Angeles, and Phoenix, Arizona.

Fresh look at our new facilities and offices in Irvine, California!

Posted by Bristol & Bates on Tuesday, February 6, 2018
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Bristol and Bates worked with the organization on many fronts in helping us scale. It is refreshing having a partner that understands our culture and values.

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