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Bristol and Bates worked with the organization on many fronts in helping us scale. It is refreshing having a partner that understands our culture and values.

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Charles Rousseaux, Co-founder, Vice President

Our Government services division, “Bristol Bates USA”, was created to utilize our capabilities as a company to provide services and products to the United States Government. This division was created specifically to serve the needs of the nation whether it be augmenting staff with specific consulting, sourcing and procuring supplies from the private sector, or providing services. Our readiness and ability to quickly scale using or methodologies allows us to respond quickly to any and all government needs. We stand ready to support local, state, and federal agencies.

Bristol Bates USA is a Prime Federal Contractor and Private Military Company with services and core capabilities registered under NAISC; 332992, 33299, 332994, 531390, 541612, 541613, 541614, 541618, 561612, 561621 , 611430, and 62134.

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Dedicated Rapid Response.

Backed by over 20 years in the private sector assisting numerous private corporations, our services have been fine-tuned for immediate response and needs of the government. We are a prime contractor with the ability to quickly respond to needs by deploy ready staff and solutions. As a prime contractor, weare also aligned and partnered with some of the largest subcontracting companies in the industry.

  • 10+  years as a Prime Goverment Contractor
  • Veteran friendly and contracting preference
  • Diverse abilities from procurement to on-site augmentation.
  • Based in the Los Angeles metro area with nationwide capability and deployment.
  • Subsidaries such as Irvine Medical ( supporting FEMA and DHS.

Security professionals, we are hiring.

We are always looking for security professionals and contractors for various assignments/contracts. If you are former military or a law enforcement professional, we would like to hear from you. Contact Us.

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