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Bristol and Bates worked with the organization on many fronts in helping us scale. It is refreshing having a partner that understands our culture and values.

Seedbox Technologies
Charles Rousseaux, Co-founder, Vice President

Our venture team builds and invests in companies within disruptive and emerging markets. Our investment group operates primarily as an equity partner and facilitator. We generally work with privately held companies in the growth and expansion stage or will bring our team in on partnerships developments with select entrepreneurs. Some of our investments were developed as new joint ventures, resulting in improved operations and additional revenue for our partners, others we have launched as a collaborative effort.

Bristol & Bates is also an venture/equity partner and builder in high growth organizations – we are heavily invested in technology, e-commerce, entertainment, and high-growth disruptive sectors including alternative medicine.

Major Investment Sectors

Digital Technology
Disruptive Markets

Building for success, together.

Our investments are diverse and we also partner with entrepreneurial founders and companies to develop mutually beneficial relationships. Over the years our resources have helped owners grow and also assisted partners in reaching the next level quickly and aggressively. Often times we engage a client that later becomes a partner.

  • Time and human capital investment.
  • Operating partners that are revenue focused.
  • Confidence backed by performance success.
  • Entrepreneur mindset, we thrive when you do.
  • Ease of acclimation and seamless integration.
  • An as needed team, without the overhead

Investment Pool

  • Technology Based
  • Digital Entertainment
  • Disruptive Markets

Bristol Bates is an international company that operates and manages a diverse portfolio of companies. As a holding company and partner, we specialize in strategic growth initiatives, specifically management advisory services and joint venture operating partnerships.

A hands-on approach to partnerships and joint ventures

As a partner we focus on helping your business grow. What that means is we seek to improve and build upon what you’ve created, by bringing in fresh ideas and concepts.

Our strategies have taken new brands to market and also helped reshape and define target customer markets. In most cases when we engage a new partner or invest in a company, we push to be a brand leader through targeted customer acquisitions.

Traditional investors usually seek an exit, we seek to stay in our investments and companies and build for the long-term. As a partner, we bring a seasoned team of specialists who can complement your strengths, allowing you to focus on what you do best – and still to grow.

Looking for a new opportunity or passively exploring your options?