Emerging Healthcare ProviderRecruitment of Physicians and Staff for an expanding healthcare company.

Our client a healthcare and practice management company with over 150 offices and 500 doctors, was looking to expand their market-share and contacted Bristol & Bates to assist in the strategic recruitment of their new regions.

Working with Operations, Business Development, and Human Resources we became a factor in market growth and assisting the company in expanding its reach into new territories.

The company had an aggressive growth plan and had identified areas in which it wanted to develop. The growth strategy would involve establishing brick-and-mortar locations and hiring practice leaders to support the growth. The challenge was not only hiring experience physicians but also ensuring adequate support was given to the new locations.

  • Finding and hiring qualified staff and physicians:
    In established markets dominated by competitors, the company had an uphill recruitment battle given they were new to the local market, especially in rural areas.
  • Integrating an external service into the companies revenue strategy:
    Establishing a new alternative revenue channel which was heavily recruitment based was a risk when the companies growth model for the past 30 years has been through traditional means.
  • Ensuring proper staffing/recruiting levels for growth:
    Optimally a physician seeing 15-20 patients a day,  often with new locations the ratio is 30:1 due to a lack of staff which compromised patient satisfaction.

Our recruitment strategy was to increase awareness of the brand and directly target two types of candidates; new doctors entering the workforce and to pair them with experienced “managing doctors”, and experienced doctors who have worked in a managed office setting.

  • Directly headhunt from proven market leaders:
    We focused our recruitment efforts targeted current market leaders, ensuring a smooth acclimation into the system and offering candidates a fresh start in a familiar environment and ground opportunity.
  • Work with management on identifying key locations:
    Identify key locations which most needed hiring (new markets) and worked with a team to identify current locations that could benefit from additional physicians (increasing patient load/volume).
  • Coordinate with corporate teams to facilitate growth:
    We established communication channels with Human Resources to assist in staff forecasting and streamlining the credentialing/on-boarding process for field-based positions.

Our unique approach using a revenue-recruitment model allowed our client to scale quickly into new markets.

  • Successfully hired new doctors and staff within regions:
    Our team successfully hired both full-time specialists and general practitioners to the organization. We also were able to assist the organization in hiring experienced doctors to existing locations which greatly improved wait times and overall patient satisfaction.
  • Created new revenue channels for the company, improved existing locations:
    Working with both the Senior Vice President of Operations and Vice President of Business Development, we strategically hired for developing offices and assisted in increasing revenue to existing facilities by adding new physicians to the profit centers.
  • Within 1 year, the company opened 3 new centers:
    Using our blueprint and specific recruitment strategy, the company expanded opening offices in three new markets significantly increasing revenue.
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Bristol and Bates worked with the organization on many fronts in helping us scale. It is refreshing having a partner that understands our culture and values.

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